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Straight Talk Wireless is a phone service provider offered online or through Wal-Mart. It offers no contract cell phone service as well as home phone service. Since this provider only offers phone service, you can get your services for as little money as possible. lets you buy your phone, your plan, check your balance and offers support on anything you may have trouble with. For a limited time, offers free shipping for any straight talk phone.

Straight Talk Promo Codes 2013

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When you first sign up to get a phone with Straight Talk Wireless, you can active your number, or transfer your own number on its website. You can also set up an account that allows you to refill your account and set up an auto refill option for your phone. Straight Talk Wireless offers 30 day, 90 day, 180 day, and 1 year services. Once the service ends you will need to refill your account, either manually or with the auto refill option that is available on the website.

There are two different types of the 30 day cell phone plans available through Straight Talk Wireless. Both of these options are cheaper than other cell phone services available, and there is no credit check or annual contract required. The cheaper option is the $30 all you need plan with 1000 minutes, 1000 messages, and 30MB of data. The second option is a $45 unlimited plan with unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited mobile web access. The 90 day, 180 day, and 1 year of services is only available for the unlimited package.

You can use any unlocked GSM phone through Straight Talk Wireless, or you can buy a new phone from the website, including phones like the BlackBerry Curve, LG Optimus Quest, or the LG Optimus Dynamic. If you use an unlocked GSM phone you will have to buy a new SIM card through Straight Talk in order to use their services.
Straight Talk Wireless also offers home phones. You can either get a $15 for unlimited nationwide calling or $30 for unlimited international calling. You can keep your own number and get additional features such as 411 calling. The home phone is also a no contract service.
When you buy online through you can get free ground shipping on all orders over $29.99. You can track your order online at any time so you know what is going on with your order. If you need any help there is a support section as well where you can get phone manual, contact support, and tips on how to active your SIM card or new service.

Audible Promo Codes


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If you know a best website on your hands, in other words, a website that can save you money on products that you use on a regular basis by a multiple, which means it ought to provide the best bang for your bucks at least twice as much as any other websites, why not make the most of it? is one such websites that offer the opportunity to listen to books anytime the customers want. It is a vast library of over 100,000 books of different genres – fictions, memoirs, biographies and many more – available to people at a great price. Not only that, subscribers can have access to this service through free app for iPhone and many other mobile devices. And if you don’t like it, the website offers free exchange program valid for a year. You can cancel the subscription any time or cancel it before the free 30 day trial ends.
In a nutshell, members receive:

  • 1 audiobook every month
  • 50% the retail price for 3 months subscription
  • Additional 30% off the purchase price
  • Previews free of charge
  • More than 1000,000 title to choose from
  • and apps for Android, iPhone and other devices

How do you become a customer of this website? By subscribing to their service through Amazon account. And how do you save more money in the process? By clipping coupons and making use of deals and discounts. Coupons for Audible can be obtained from various sources, such as blogs, partner websites, official Audible website, newspapers and magazines. There are many coupon database search engines that may help you find the appropriate deal for Audible. Some of them are printable coupons and others are insert coupons. Each purchase on may also create custom codes that provide huge discounts on audible books. With more than one purchase, the coupon code will apply for the entire order during checkout. Overall, there are three types of discounts and coupon offers through Audible. With a little time, you are on your way to slashing cost on digital books that you always wanted to listen.

  • Fixed Price Coupon: A fixed amount is deducted form your final price, such as $10 off, during checkout. This may or may not include shipping and handling charges.
  • Percent Discount: A specific percentage of the final price is deducted from the total price.
  • Free Shipping: Just like most retail websites, offers free shipping for orders over a certain amount. This is limited to orders placed within the country.

For more information about the terms and policies check out membership form online.

ATT Uverse Coupon Code November 2013


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New ATT Uverse Coupon Code 2013

1. Click ME to Activate and  Get AT&T U-verse TV for ONLY $29 per month for 6 months! – THIS IS THE #1 SELLING OFFER!

2. Click ME to Activate and get a U-verse Triple Play (TV & Internet & Phone) for only $79 per month for 24 months (with a 1 year contract)

3. Click ME to Activate  and get a AT&T U-verse Double Play (TV & Internet) for ONLY $49 per month for 12 months and DVR included!

4. Click ME to Activate  these AT&T U-Verse high-speed bundles and deals.

5. Click ME to Activate  these  ALL of the latest AT&T U-Verse offers!

For anyone looking for a change form the traditional cable companies, and doesn’t want the rather tacky look of a satellite dish hanging from the roof of their house, AT&T Uverse offers up a different option for individuals. This particular kind of service ensures you are able to receive the very best television programming, without the hassle associated with cable companies, nor the in and out picture typically found with satellite providers. For anyone looking for the best of both worlds, it is important to consider an ATT Uverse Coupon Code and all the different features it has available.

AT&T Uverse is a fiber optics based service. Fiber optics is different from traditional cable in several different ways. For starters, fiber optics uses a cable that transmits information through either glass or plastic cables. The signal is sent via light beams, as light is able to travel faster and with more information attached than what a copper cable provides. This way, AT&T Uverse is able to send more information to a home through the fiber optics equipment than what other hardware is able to provide. Because of this, more HD channels can stream through the service, not to mention it has more recording capacity than what other receives are able to provide.

AT&T Uverse is more than just a television programing provider though. It also offers Internet access and home telephone service. So, if you need all three services or just one of the options, you are able to receive the service and information through AT&T Uverse. You do receive an improved deal at discounted prices should you decide to utilize all three in your home, although when you only require one service, AT&T Uverse is there for you. Remember, you can find great deals with ATT Uverse coupon codes.

If you currently use AT&T for your wireless service it is possible to integrate the two service bills together. By doing this, you are actually going to lower the cost of your mobile bill. You might as well use this option, so you can save money on what you are already paying for.

With a AT&T Uverse, you have access to a wireless television receive. With cable and satellite providers, your television usually has to sit near a cable outlet, unless you want to have a large, ugly cable running throughout the home. In fact, the entire setup of your room might depend on where you can put the television. This shouldn’t be the case, and with AT&T Uverse, you don’t have to form fit your home to where the cable outlets are. With the wireless receivers, you can place the receiver anywhere in the house in order to watch the same quality programming you would receive through a wired receive. You can even take it outside with you (as long as there is a power outlet there). This way, you wan watch television on the patio in the sun and warmth. Sometimes there is nothing better on a summer day than to relax outside with burgers on the grill and the television playing.

If you are interesting in improving your television, Internet and telephone service, you need to ditch the cable provider and cancel the satellite service. The AT&T Uverse programming gives you the best overall service, plus stations you are not going to find on other systems, such as AMC (not available on Dish Network) and ESPN 3D (not available on Comcast). With all of the different stations you receive, not to mention the reduced price and quality, AT&T Uverse is the way to go. And with ATT uverse promo codes you see below, you are going to save even more money on your bill.

Boost Mobile Promo Code November 2013


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If you are looking for a mobile phone provider that you can trust to provide reliable service with affordable prices, then Boost Mobile is a great option. Boost Mobile has been growing steadily in popularity over the years, mainly because of their simple to understand and use mobile plans.

Make Sure You Always Use a Boost Mobile Promo Code

The highlight of Boost Mobile’s service is their unlimited mobile data service plans that work on a convenient month to month basis. While most mobile phone providers today will require their customers to sign up for service contracts, which can oftentimes lock them into a plan for a year or two, Boost Mobile does no such thing. With Boost Mobile, there are no contracts to be signed and affordable monthly rates, all with unlimited data. This means that you do not have to worry about going over your data limit and incurring added fees or getting out of a service contract that you are no longer interested in without paying a penalty.

In addition to all that, with a Boost Mobile promo code also gives you the opportunity to shrink your monthly payment by paying on time. The longer you pay your bill on time, the lower your payment will be going forward.

Boost Mobile also has a wide range of phones that are available to you, including some of the more popular and technologically advanced models on the market. These include any of the latest Blackberry phones, as well as Android phones made by Samsung. It is usually difficult to get access to these phones without long, expensive contracts, but that is not the case with Boost Mobile.

Should you choose to order your phone through the Boost Mobile website, you will be getting it through the mail quickly and without any shipping costs whatsoever. This adds even more to the affordability of the service offered by them.

Overall, Boost Mobile is a great mobile phone provider to choose if you are currently looking for one. Their service is extremely affordable and requires no contract, it has unlimited data and a great selection of the latest phones. Lastly, always remember to use a Boost Mobile promo code when you shop online!

Tracfone Promo Codes November 2013


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Tracfone is a merchant that allows individuals who do not wish to deal with cellphone contracts to purchase a reliable cell phone at a cost that is far less than the traditional phones purchased through contract-based carriers. Tracfone offers many of the same benefits as traditional cell phones, but without the hassle of having to sign a contract.

Tracfone has been around for several years and has proven itself to be a reliable company. The service provided by the company is comparable to that of other cell phone carriers and individuals who use Tracfone typically do not have to worry about finding themselves in a position where they have no signal and cannot use their phones. There are some pitfalls to watch out for concerning area coverage however. If someone who uses a Tracfone goes outside of their home area and the phone is roaming, then the minutes that were purchased on their phone card goes down twice as fast. This can eat up a lot of time very quickly and individuals who use their phones frequently while roaming should beware of this.

The cost effectiveness of utilizing a Tracfone is largely dependent upon the amount of time that an individual typically spends using the cell phone as well as the location that the call is placed in. Time can be purchased in the form of an air card and can be purchased in various limits, as one can buy a card with as few as 30 minutes or more than 200 minutes. The cost of the cards depend on how many minutes they are worth and they are comparable in price to many other cell phone carriers that also offer air cards. Therefore, an individual who does not use their cell phone a great deal and who rarely goes out of their home area may benefit greatly from using a Tracfone as they will not be saddled with typical contract costs that can sometimes range to well over $200 a month.

On the other hand, if an individual spends a great deal of time talking on their cell phone or does a great deal of traveling and wishes to use their phone as their primary means of communication, a Tracfone can become very costly in a short period of time. Due to the fact that air time goes down relatively quickly especially when the phone is roaming it is possible to quickly run out of minutes. This may result in spending a great deal more money on a Tracfone than you would spend with a contract carrier.

Tracfone offers many modern phones that are comparable to those that contract carriers currently offer. They also offer phones which can be used for texting and searching the Internet. However, if you are planning on using a smart phone to do a great deal of Internet searching it may be wiser to carefully check the cost of using a Tracfone versus the cost of using a contract type cell phone carrier. Using a Ttracfone on a regular basis can quickly add up to higher costs than using the traditional contract carriers.

All in all, Tracfone offers a reliable phone. For those individuals who only want to use their cell phones occasionally or only want to have one in case of an emergency the Tracfone can be the perfect fit. The phones are typically rather cheap to purchase and their air cards can be purchased for reasonable amounts. Therefore, the viability of using a Tracfone is largely dependent upon the reasons that an individual wishes to purchase a cell phone. For the market they serve, Tracfone does a fantastic job of providing reliable service from a reputable company without a lot of hassles. It is simple and straightforward and can serve the needs of individuals quite well who do not feel the need to be constantly attached to their cell phones.

Verizon Wireless Promo Code November 2013


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Verizon Wireless Promo Code

Verizon Wireless is a leading service provider in the mobile world for the United States. Providing access to not only the latest and greatest mobile phones but mobile equipped tablets as well. With coverage that reaches across all corners of the United States Verizon Wireless is the go to wireless carrier if you need to get signal everywhere. From the busiest cities like New York or LA to smaller towns like Baton Rouge or Albuquerque and anywhere in between you will always be able to get an excellent signal.

Verizon Wireless is also an industry leader in LTE coverage which provides the fastest mobile broadband available. With over 98% of existing coverage areas having LTE you can be rest assured no matter where you live or travel to fast mobile broadband speed will only be a phone or tablet away.

With Verizon Wireless Promo Codes you can get today’s hottest phones whether you like iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone. Serving up phone choices like Apple’s latest iPhone 5 or Samsung’s duo of the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 you can be rest assured you are getting the latest and greatest in mobile devices to couple with your excellent coverage and fast mobile speed.

Verizon offers a wide range of plans to fit everyone’s need from solo to large family plans. They allow you to share data between multiple devices so the whole family can use their shiny new LTE equipped phone or tablet. They also provide access to mobile broadband through USB modems and wireless hotspots commonly needed by business travelers. Prepaid is also an option and still gets you the same great wireless coverage and speed that Verizon provides.

Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the United States with the widest available coverage and speed. So please use these coupons and Verizon promotional codes to garner even more savings when signing up for Verizon Wireless service today!

Verizon FIOS Promotion Code November 2013


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Verizon FIOS Promotion Code 2013

Getting reliable and fast Internet speeds at your home, as well as quality phone and TV service, can sometimes be a difficult thing. You have to shop around between companies while evaluating their service speeds, company history and their prices. If you are not happy with your current Internet, TV or phone provider or looking for one to get started with, then Verizon FIOS + a Verizon FIOS promotion code is a great option that is definitely worth looking into.

FIOS has quickly built up a reputation on the market for lighting fast speeds that very few, if any, other providers of these services can compete with. While there are other features that matter, speed is the one that you generally want to pay attention to closest when you begin evaluating a company. For example, you could have the most full featured phone, Internet and TV package ever put together, but it would not matter if the service speeds were too low for you to enjoy them. FIOS has proven itself to be faster than cable service, which for many years was considered to be the fastest available. You can even test your current Internet connection against the FIOS connecting speeds on the Verizon FIOS website to see how it adds up. This will probably leave you quite surprised as you see just how fast FIOS is against the Internet you are using right now.

One of the other best things about Verizon FIOS service (along with a Verizon FIOS promotion code) is that everything involving any sort of communication or media in your home can be powered by it. You do not need to manage multiple accounts, as FIOS can handle it all. This includes digital phone service that will allow you to make calls with crystal clear clarity, Internet that can handle even the largest of downloads while not affecting its overall speed, and TV packages that have all the channels and special features that you could possibly want. While many other connection types from other companies could lag a bit in terms of speed when all of these things are being done on a network, FIOS is known for being able to maintain consistently fast speeds despite it all.

If Verizon FIOS service sounds like something that you are interested in getting installed in your home, then simply check out their website to learn more and get the process started. There you can learn more features, as well as see if FIOS service is available in your geographical area. Finally, please remember to use a Verizon FIOS promo code for your next purchase.


Carbonite Offer Code September 2013


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When it comes to keeping files and computer storage safe, it is important to locate a facility or location to save the files. Keeping the content on a local hard drive is going to prove easy to do and inexpensive, at first, although eventually it is going to end up costing more and more money, in order to continually upload and save the file information to the drives. Plus, keeping the files on hand is going to be expensive when the equipment begins to fail. Due to this, it is important for any individual, whether it is a home or business computer, if they use a Mac or PC, it is all possible to save the file information to a cloud based service known as Carbonite. allows all individuals to have the ability to store the files directly onto the Internet based storage system, and this allows the person to access the files anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection.

With, files are safely stored anywhere. The files are going to upload to the Internet, so it doesn’t matter what happens to the computer. Eventually, the computer is likely to fail, either due to a virus or just internal failure. If the computer’s hard drive is infected with a virus or sustains damage, the files might be lost forever, and external hard drives are easy to drop, which may break the hard drive. In order to avoid this sort of situation, having the files saved to an online Internet service is going to make it that much easier to retain all files.

There are different services, so an individual is not left to a one size fits all service. Whether they use the service at home, want added storage at home or are looking for a business service, Carbonite is able to help out. Plus, the storage is charged through a monthly fee, all of which is far less expensive than continually buying new hard drives and replacing other drives that might become damaged.

One of the best features of the Carbonite service is the fact it is possible to automatically back up files instantly, without having to upload the information to the cloud manually. This saves time and the user is able to rest assured and know their files are safe and secure. Carbonite encrypts and backs up files safely offsite, so it is not possible for the information